Lost Recipes Collection

Young woman from the Mienh tribe of Southeast Asia, preparing for a traditional dance.

The social goal of Asia Dish is to document, preserve and bring awareness to indigenous cultures by sharing their recipes online. We believe this will help curb culture loss, as thousands of languages and cultures (an estimated 3,300 to 6,000 of the 6,700 in existence today) are expected to disappear in our lifetime. Our Lost Recipes Collection tells the stories of these indigenous tribes through their food. Click here for the Lost Recipes Collection.

Our vision looks something like this:

A woman from the Akha tribe, Lisu, searches for a traditional Akha pork dish in Google. She clicks on a link to Asia Dish. She finds the recipe she’s looking for, complete with photos and a how-to video. Lisu is surprised to find other Akha women from all over the globe contributing recipes to the website, and engaging with each other. Lisu decides to add her recipes to Asia Dish and promptly tells her friends about the website.

Meanwhile, an American woman, Mary, searches for Phad Thai noodles in Google and happens upon Asia Dish. She finds the Phad Thai recipe she’s looking for, then sees suggestions for other noodle dishes she might like. She recognizes a few but there are many she hasn’t heard of before. She clicks on an “Akha” noodle dish, then clicks on another link to learn more about the Akha. Her curiosity is piqued and she decides to add an Akha noodle recipe to her Asia Dish recipe box. She sends a thank-you message to the woman who posted the recipe, Lisu. Mary cannot wait to tell her cooking group about this new recipe and share her newfound knowledge.

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