Banh Xeo Flour

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This flour is used to make banh xeo. It is usually found in the Vietnamese section of the Asian grocery store.

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  1. ManiSanchez says:

    Does it matter which brand Banh Xeo Flour I get? I tried making this last night for the first time and I was pretty happy with it. I was having a hard time getting the pancake to stay in tacked. The Banh Xeo Flour bag says to add coconut milk. Any suggestions? Maybe I just need more practice?

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  2. kerina says:

    I’m not sure. In the recipe, I substituted beer for coconut milk so the banh xeo comes out lighter and crispier. Maybe you can use less beer? It’s ok to use coconut milk too. Your banh xeo will just come out heavier and thicker.

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