Choy Finh

Merced, California
About I enjoy cooking. I get my inspiration from cooking videos, and my favorite cooking personality is Yan Can Cook.

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  • Lemongrass


    by Choy Finh on January 06 2012

    I like to use lemongrass in a lot of my dishes. I smash the entire length of the lemongrass to soften, then toss it into soups. I have also minced the bulb and used it to marinade meats.

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  • IMG_8265-2

    Curry Seabass aka Fish (Laotian Fish)

    by Keng on 2012-01-01 05:01:27

    The reason why I called this a fish is because it's so delicious, it will definitely satisfy the palate of any man you want to impress! Rich in spices and flavors, it is unforgettable. You can serve it with rice or enjoy it by itself.

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  • Curry Seabass aka Fish (Laotian Fish)

    I make fish a lot. I usually steam them in banana leaves, or lightly fry them with herbs. I tried making this sauce for the first time and it is very good. The sauce is packed with flavor and I added three chilis instead of two (I eat very spicy).

  • Korean BBQ Short Ribs

    I really like these short ribs. I like my food spicy and felt this was a bit sweet, so I cut down on the sugar.

  • Homemade Indo Chicken Satay

    This chicken satay came out good. I haven't used lemongrass with sambal and cumin before, so this was new to me. I thought the peanut sauce was delicious. I also ate the chicken with my chili sauce to make it spicier.

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  1. Yojaine says:

    Tom yum is our favourite soup and i tried your repcie today. It turned out as good as our neighbourhood's thai restaurent. Few extra changes I did was added tom yum paste (with out shrimp) instead of fish sauce as I am vegetarian. I also strained the soup after chilli paste step ( threw away all the lemon grass and lemon leaves as soup already had the aroma and flavour of it) and continued with rest of the steps. Great outcome. Now we dont have to run out in new england's cold to get our favourite soup ..