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  • Chicken in Lemongrass and Chili

    Chicken in Lemongrass and Chili

    by Ozzie on October 12 2012

    A classic Vietnamese chicken dish with a great lemongrass fragrance. There's a really nice sweet and savory combination with the chicken and caramel sauce. Be careful when making the caramel, though, don't let it burn.

  • Vietnamese Pork Skewers with Lettuce Cups (Nem Nướng)

    Vietnamese Pork Skewers with Lettuce Cups (Nem Nướng)

    by Ozzie on October 09 2012

    A tasty pork dish. It needs quite a few ingredients but it's well worth it! This can be made on a BBQ or broiled in the oven.

  • IMG_1477_small

    Beef Chow Fun (Restaurant Style)

    by Ozzie on December 31 2011

    A classic, staple Cantonese dish.  The essence of this recipe is the broad rice noodles, which should ideally be purchased fresh from an Asian market and used the same day.  I prefer making this dish at home since the ones served in most ...

  • IMG_1542_format

    Chinese Kung Pao Chicken (Gong Bao chicken, 宫保雞丁)

    by Ozzie on December 30 2011

    After having this favorite dish so many times at various restaurants, I decided to make my own and have honed it over time.  I adapted this recipe originally from Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge by Grace Young.  You should ideally use raw u...

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