Cold Weather Favorites

As the weather turns chilly outside, we love staying in with family and friends to cook and eat together. Here are some of our party favorites to get through the winter.

We like starting with soup, and Stella’s hot and sour soup is a light way to start the meal. During food prep, we love snacking on shrimp crackers. Cyndi’s Indonesian Krupuk Udang version is always a hit.

For large gatherings, it’s fun to get everyone involved. Two of our favorite ways are egg rolls and banh xeo. Everyone can make their own.

Lastly, there’s nothing that warms the soul quite like a bowl of noodles. These home-made Laotian style ones are a great way to finish off the meal. Kelly’s ka’piek noodles will do the trick.

We hope these recipes will help keep you and your family warm this winter. Thank you so much for visiting!

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